Get a job at McKinsey, BCG or Bain.

Enhance your leadership potential, become an expert at case interviews and be among the 1% applicants that join top management consulting.

88% clients joined one of the target firms






Bain & Company


Roland Berger, LEK and Cap Gemini



Placed in 12 offices worldwide: Paris, Berlin, London, Sydney, Zürich, Moscow, Casablanca, Kazakhstan, Washington, Dubai, San Francisco and Madrid.

What we do

We help aspiring strategy consultants prepare for their job interviews with strategy consulting firms by coaching them at each phase of the recruiting process:

Application stage

We help clients validate their achievements, edit their candidacy documentation (resume, cover letter, application emails), network with consultants and secure an invitation from the firms.

Intellectual tests

We enable clients to reach the highest possible score under pressure by training them over a variety of tests: PST, BCG Potential Test, Oliver Wyman Numerical test...etc.

Job Interviews

We coach clients on how to handle the personal experience and business case parts of the interview. They learn how to deliver impactful storytelling, and demonstrate their analytical skills.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

— Peter Drucker

How we do it

We guide our clients using proven methods and tools to ensure they will be considered as a risk free, natural option by the consulting firms:

Project Management

We approach client work the same way we run consulting projects. We build a vision, define long term and short term goals, structure a learning path and track capability progression rigorously from the initial idea to join MBB to the offer signature.

Cognitive science

We apply scientifically proven training and influence techniques to demystify the recruiting process, teach clients how to think, internalize feedback or calibrate their mindset to manage morale as they ramp up in their learning curve.

Value-based approach

We engineered a mentor-mentee program that unleashes our candidates potential. We push for work ethic, team-work, obligation to dissent, result-orientation, self-regulation and mutual respect.

Why we succeed

88% of our clients were among the 1% applicants that landed an offer at McKinsey, BCG or Bain in various offices worldwide. Our success is based on three fundamentals:

Candidate selection

We select applicants that join the program on four criteria: drive towards impact, leadership potential, coachability and problem solving. We tell applicants exactly what we think and accept only the ones we believe we can truly help within a given time.

MBB expertise

We built a deep knowledge of the consulting firms’ culture and interviewing practices. Our network of MBB consultants allows us to build a 360° view of each office and deliver a training that is consistent with their HR and staffing requirements.

Client relationship

We build a client relationship based on trust and take their success very personally. We consider them as family members and long term business partners. We dedicate an average of 50 hours for free to make sure they are ready for the job.

How to join

Apply for the program

Submit your resume highlighting you academic & professional achievements, and tell us briefly over your current situation.

Get a Round Zero interview

You will meet one of our Mentors for one hour and 30 minutes for free. We look for smart people who are coachable, entrepreneurial and with strong analytical skills.

Start the program

As you get accepted into the program you have 3 days to accept the offer and start your transformational journey.

Your career is about to change now.